In 1975, Kevork (Kevin) Kochkrian at a young age, under a well known diamond setting master, started apprenticing in his home country. One of Kevin's first projects, after moving to Vancouver, was a tiara for Vancouver Premier minister. Amongst other projects along the way, is a European design second price for his fine setting work. Valenzya was born in 1989 and ever since has been offering top quality craftsmanship in Vancouver and abroad.

Meet Kevork (Kevin)

Introducing our goldsmith
    Kevork (Kevin) Kochkrian
    Kevork (Kevin) Kochkrian
    Goldsmith. Jeweller.
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How Do They Mine Diamonds? [Curtesy of Science Channel]

How we work

Ideas and concepts

Consultation. We discuss your ideas and offer solutions.


Your dream jewellery is build in CAD, software for 2D and 3D models.


After approval your model is milled in wax on our CNC mill.

Make is personal

Your model is then cast and polished. Stones are being set.